Crane Meadows Nature Center


Monday through Friday - 9 to 5
Saturdays - 10 to 4
Spring migration (March 1 to April 7th) - 8am to 6 pm

Visitor Center:
FREE (donations welcomed)
Crane Meadows grounds:
$4.00 Adult; $3.50 Senior (55+); Student (5-17) $3.00; Child (Under 5) Free.


Now Booking March Blind and Bridge Tours
Please Call Mon - Fri
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST
New Blinds with Exciting new Locations

Presenters Each Day
Each day during our season, at 10AM and 2PM, Crane Meadows will offer its guests a 30-45 minute presentation on various topics of interest to bird watchers, Great Plains enthusiasts and more. 

Examples include experts on bird flu, nature and wildlife photography, Lewis and Clark, the Platte Valley , Whooping Cranes, the Nature Conservancy—call for specifics about the day you plan to come.  And thank you.


Jan & Feb:
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

7 days a week
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Crane Meadows is a Great Place to Experience the Spring Migrations especially the World's Largest congregation of Sandhill Cranes on Earth. You may even catch a look at a rare Whooping Crane.

Crane Meadows also provides programs, educational workshops, lectures, and tours throughout the year.

Crane Meadows Nature Center Blog

How to Manage and Care for Nature Reserves

Maintaining a nature reserve is a difficult task. Difficult? Yes. But it’s very rewarding as you see the fruit of your labor.

Nature reserves such as the Crane Meadows Nature Center, a place where you can experience the spring migrations of the world’s largest congregation of sandhill cranes, are a tough place to maintain. It would take a number of people actually to manage a nature reserve effectively and efficiently. One has to be outside to manage the habitats of the species; to oversee everything, to protect and to preserve the wildlife, the plants, and the animals. This is fundamental to the survival of every living thing present in reserve.

If we leave these places unmanaged and unkempt, then there’s a high possibility for us to lose the diversity that once existed in that place. That’s why it is of great importance that tasks such as mowing the lawns and grasses to be made regular. If we leave them on their own, these grasslands could become woodlands because these reserves are a habitat for migratory species such as the sandhill cranes which are potential pollinators. Regular cutting and clearing are a priority. Removing a few trees, especially the ones that are about to die, allows more light into the woods. Thus, you are allowing wildflowers and other plants to emerge which would eventually support other organisms such as the insects. Generally, you’re helping in providing food for the species present in the reserve. We use professional ztr ride on mowers for the job which allow us to cover the area around the center.

You also have to consider the welfare of the animals especially for those types of nature reserves which are open to the public. Rowdy guests could potentially disrupt the peace of the organisms living there. It is of essential that you guard these animals (and the wildlife in general) and secure them from the possible damage caused by guests who are fond of violating the rules. Remember, the peace of the reserve is also essential to those who wish to educate themselves about the nature, the wildlife and the ecosystem in general. Restricting access to these violators is also a part of managing nature reserves. Make sure that guests are following the reserve’s rules and remind them that these rules are implemented to be followed and respected.

In maintaining a nature reserve, it is also a must to ensure that the reserve is equipped with the proper facilities and equipment to further up the management of the whole area. These facilities and equipment would include vehicles, machinery, and tools. Making sure that they’re in good working condition, they’re clean and can be operated anytime when needed. Of course, doing an inventory of these facilities and equipment are part of this too. Yes, doing the upkeeps involved in caring for nature reserves may be difficult. Look at it this way; we’re generally giving ourselves a favor by taking care of our wildlife’s natural habitats. You’re giving these creatures a means to coexist and seeing that happening is indeed very rewarding.

Crane Meadows Nature Center Outdoor Lounge to Open Soon

Crane Meadows Nature Center is proud to announce that they will officially launch their outdoor area to the public. This outdoor area is intended as a relaxation area and a spot where in you can view, enjoy, experience and learn more about the wildlife to your heart’s content.

If you are a self-confessed nature lover and someone who want to learn more about the wildlife but would still wish to experience comfort and relaxation at the same time, then this is definitely an offer you should not miss. Yes, it is possible to learn and relax at the same time especially with the help of Crane Meadows Nature Center’s outdoor area which is now open for everyone’s enjoyment. You could also get the chance to view the world’s largest congregation of Sandhill Cranes during the spring migration. You read it right, not only is it a home for a lot of wild animals it is also a spring migration hotspot; the best place for you to learn and observe Sandhill Cranes since over half a million of them would stop over at the Platte River in Nebraska before they would proceed to Canada and Alaska.

Expect a beautiful scenery of lush green meadows and a breath-taking outdoor set up complete with the needed equipment for that perfect cozy feel. The setup of this outdoor area would include outdoor recliners, perfect for your nature and wildlife viewing. They also offer indoor viewings inside rooms equipped with only the best air conditioning for the hotter months and seasons and other top notch facilities. The center guarantees a reasonable price for the use of their outdoor area facilities and we highly suggest that you avail of this offer!

Crane Meadows Nature Center is located in Nebraska. You can contact them anytime for further information and to learn more about this exciting offer!

Try BBQ at the Park

Crane Meadows Nature Center is offering a weekly BBQ for park visitors every Saturday! If you love nature just as much as you love barbecue then spending your Saturdays in Crane Meadows Nature Center is definitely the best choice.

The center is offering BBQs slowly cooked in a large gas smoker that you could enjoy while nature viewing and experiencing every breathtaking sight only Mother Nature could offer. What more could you ask for? Tasty BBQ, a clean and peaceful environment, a relaxing scene, and a weekend with great acquaintances is definitely a weekend to look forward to! Aside from nature viewing and the BBQ, the park is also very relaxing, and it is cozy enough to welcome guests like you who are in search for a weekend getaway. It is a place where you can relax and release your stress from the buzzing noise of the city and the blinding lights.

So if you still don’t have anything planned for the weekend, you might want to try out nature viewing at the park while enjoying a great BBQ at Crane Meadows Nature Center with your friends, families, workmates or acquaintances. What other best way to end your week, right? So, is it Saturday yet?

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